Crissed Picket Stubby Holders
So, who are we? Got somethin' ta say?

Crissed Picket stubby holders

Custom one-off
full-colour stubby holder

Have your very one, custom designed full-colour dye-sublimated stubby holder! This stubby holder is the "Highlander" of stubby holders...

Your drink will taste better, women wil find you more attactive,
it will even increase your IQ

Crissed Picket...
Drink like a God!

Custom, full-colour stubby holder with base... Designed just for you!




Crissed Picket stubby holder





*Highlander won the Academy award for "Best Film.. Ever!"

Claims that this stubby holder will increase your IQ and make you attactive is false. It will have absolutely not affect, other than make you look AWESOME!

Crissed Picket Stubby Holder
Keep your cool

Whatever you want

custom stubby holders

Logos, text, photos...
you name it
Crissed Picket can do it! Whether it's for a corporate golf day or to celebrate a Buck's last day of freedom, we can put it on a stubby holder!

Whatever you need

custom stubby holders

If you want one or a thousand, it's no problem at all... From stubbies and tinnies to those new thinner cans and holders for more than one stubby (for those of you who have a really big thirst).

Whatever you say

custom stubby holders

A bright pink stubby holder with pictures of kittens? No problem. We specialise in designing and producing stubby holders and we know that you'll love Crissed Picket stubby holders!

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